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My name is Wieslaw Landowski. I live deep in the forest, somewhere in north Poland (Tuchola Forest, we call it Bory Tucholskie). For those who want to locate my place, it is Wysoka, rather a small village, but does it care in the era of Internet? Well, if You still want to know more, look below!

C e k c y n

C o m m u n i t y

The Past of Cekcyn and ist surroundings belongs to the history of the Gdansk Pomerania. It was during the times of Prince Boleslaw Krzywousty, in the beginning of the 12th century, that the Pomeranians were expanding their territories in the southern direction. They tried to cross the Notec River near Naklo, where they were stopped by Boleslaw Krzywousty. All inhabitants of Pomerania were baptised in those days. A castelany, including Cekcyn and its neighbouring forests, was set up in Raciaz. The first record about the village of Cekcyn dates back to the end of the 13th century (1296). It records King Waclaw II giving Cekcyn and 200 fines, as a dawry, to a Kalish chancellor.
The mysterious name - Cekcyn - is of Cashubian origin. Cekcyn is located at the very heart of the Tuchola Forests, upon Lake Wielkie Cekcynskie which covers 134 ha of land. It is not far from such towns and cities as Tuchola (12km), Chojnice (37km) and Bydgoszcz (56km). Local mild climate and beautiful landscape attract many tourists. It is a summer leisure village.
There is also a renowned yew-trees sanctuary: the Leon Wyczolkowski "Old Polish Yew-trees" Sanctuary in Wierzchlas. Leon Wyczolkowski was a distinguished polish painter and he painted many landscapes during his frequent visits to Wierzchlas. The most sumptuous tree has a diameter of 74 cm at man's chest height. It is 15 meters high and 480-500 years of age. Leon Wyczolkowski called it "Chrobry" (brave) after the nickname of King Boleslaw who lived in the Middle Ages.
All this community covers 25.247 ha with about 7000 inhabitants.

Now a few words about myself. I am handicapped. My wheelchair is my only way of moving. I am interested in languages, I work at home as a private teacher of English and German. I have many pupils. Some of them have already finished their education here and study English or German. English was always my love, but now I share it with a computer. I can't simply sit and do nothing. I must be active. Years ago I played chess, too. I think, I am still not the last.

Thanks to English and computer I not only can earn my own money but I can realise myself as well. That's why I started to make this WWW page. I want it to contain many interested curiosities, mainly in English. I want it to be always an opened window for everybody. I invite You, an

to participate, especially if You have any good ideas!

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