The Ladder Quiz Solving Competition

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For everybody who is interested in any kind of quiz, any kind of crosswords and riddles, easy or difficult, I organize the never ending Quiz Solving Competition.
The Competition is opened for everybody. You can enter it any time.

I invite authors, people who create any kind of riddles to cooperate.

The set consisting of 15 riddles I will send via e-mail once a week. From September 1997 I plan to publish them on my WWW Page!!

The results of every Round will be added and three first competitors (when number of participants exceeds 200) on the Ladder List will get a prize.

The bigger the number of competitors, the higher the Prize!

The single set of riddles costs only 1 dollar.

When You order five sets at once the price is only 4 dollars.

The results of every round (first fifty competitors) will be published on this WWW page.

Dont Wait Longer!

To take part simply fill the form!



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